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Pre-Winter Review & Maintenance


In Macclesfield & Surrounding Areas

Your roof can be put under enormous strain through the winter seasons. Prevent potential post-winter financial outlays and have a pre-winter review to ensure your roof is stable and watertight for a relaxing winter ahead.

Our experienced staff will look for any weak points or problems such as missing tiles, leaks, moss, holes, gaps, and decay. The pre-winter review also includes a check of your chimney for signs of wear and tear and make sure that your gutters are allowing water to drain freely from the rooftop – If water backs up in your guttering, then it can cause real problems when rain water turns to ice.

Expensive replacements could be the outcome if you ignore any problems, so it’s worth a little investment to protect your interests in the long-run.

What we will do;

  1. Clean your gutters and downpipes.
  2. Check and seal pipes and flashings.
  3. Nail loose slates to ensure that they’re stable or replace them if damaged.
  4. Remove debris from the rooftop.


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