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Re-Roofing (Pitched & Flat Roofs)


In Macclesfield & Surrounding Areas

At Cheshire Roofing, we take pride in using the best possible materials needed to re-roof your home. We believe it’s essential that you receive a high quality, safe roof with low maintenance costs. Our roofs also provide better insulation, which aims to reduce your energy costs.

Our re-roofing services include the replacement of roof tiling or slating, repair or replacement of uPVC fascia boards, soffits and guttering. We also replace any lead work – which may be damaged, and chimney works. Our Cheshire Roofing experts have extensive experience working on both pitched and flat roofs.

We understand that older properties do not have the necessary protection needed underneath the roof to prevent leaks and loss of heat. Because of this, you may begin to see damp patches on top floor ceilings, or visible mould, slipped tiles or slates, or potentially the plaster may be coming off the ceilings, these present the signs of a recommended re-roofing service.

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